Serving our local leaders and churches as they do the kingdom dream.

Vineyard Executive Team

The Executive Team is made up of leaders who bring influence & guidance to Vineyard South Africa.

The Executive Team is encouraging us to "stay on the track" in areas such as church planting, missions, healthy church development, spiritual formation, diversity, finances, strategy, and more, the Executive Team* works with the National Director to see our Vineyard South Africa pastors and churches strengthened.

About our Leadership Structure

The leadership structure of the Association of Vineyard Churches South Africa is designed to serve our local churches, across the nation, in becoming all that God has designed to them to be. A decentralized approach to leadership keeps us agile and flexible as we reach out to a changing world with the Gospel.

Area Leaders

Area Leaders are (or have been) local church pastors who provide oversight, in this case, to a particular group of churches within their region. Pastoral support, ministry equipping, church mediation, and more make up the service of the Area Leaders in the Vineyard South Africa.

Regional Leaders

Regional Leaders are (or have been) local church pastors who bring oversight to groups of churches in a particular region. Regional Leaders are supported by the Association of the Vineyard Churches South Africa, bring care and equipping to Area Leaders in their region, and also provide conferences and ministry development opportunities for local church leaders.

Executive Team

The Executive Team serves as our Association of Vineyard Churches South Africa Board, and is made up of leaders who bring influence and guidance to various aspects of our ministry development. The Executive Team works with the National Director to see Vineyard South Africa strengthened from within.

Finance Team

The Finance Team prepares budgets that must be approved by the Executive Team. They review the Financial Statements and Budget Performance Reports, and offer advice for strategic spending decisions.

National Director

Our National Director - along with our Executive Team, Regional Leaders, and Area Leaders - is committed to seeing our Vineyard core values embodied in local church pastors, leaders, and communities across the country.

*) The Executive Team

The Executive Team serves as the Board of The Association of Vineyard Churches South Africa. It is composed of the National Director, Board Members and Regional Leaders.

The Regional Leadership

Vineyard South Africa is divided into 5 regions, each with clusters of churches grouped together by relationship and location.

Regional Leaders and Area Leaders are the foundation of our regional care structure. Pastoral support and care for pastors and churches are facilitated by the Area Leaders, each covering a specified area within a region. These Area Leaders work together with the Regional Leaders or their region to provide leadership and encouragement to each local Vineyard church.

A Family of Churches

The Vineyard South Africa is a family of churches. Like a family, we come together to do things, no one of us could do on our own! One of the ways we stay healthy as a family of churches is to combine resources to support national and regional teams and ministries that provide focused resources to our churches.

Meet The Team

Meet the Regional Leader Team for the Vineyard Western Cape churches.

Our Objectives

As leaders we commit to achieve and accomplish the following objectives.

Expanding the Vineyard movement

Build and expanding community of churches both in South Africa and across the African continent that are committed to one another and to the message and practice of the kingdom of God.

Common Vision

Establish and promote a common corporate vision for the community of churches.

Maintaining Core Values

Maintain the core values of the Vineyard, and engage in the essential practices of the Vineyard - Evangelism, Discipleship, Leadership multiplication and Diversity.

Planting Churches

Plant and adopt churches that are committed to and practicing the core values of the Vineyard.

Pastoral care

Offer pastoral care, relationship, and other resources to pastors of local Vineyard churches.

Theological reflection

Lead the Vineyard in theological reflection and maintaining historical orthodoxy and praxis.

Exercise Discipline

Exercise discipline over local church pastors in case of misconduct or heresy.

Protecting our Name

Protect the good name of the Vineyard.

Approve pastors

Approve pastors for local Vineyard churches

Resource Vineyard churches

Resource local Vineyard churches to carry out their mission.

Joining the broader Body of Christ

Work to express the unity of Christ by intentionally joining with the broader Body of Christ in common witness and love.

Leadership structure

Provide appropriate leadership structure to achieve these objectives.